Renee Wilkinson is a landscape designer based in Portland, Oregon. She creates beautiful outdoor spaces that entice homeowners to connect with nature, grow their own food and support native wildlife. She received her masters degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon in 2012.

Services range from conceptual garden design to fine-grained planting plans. She can help with creating welcoming entrances, outdoor gathering spaces, water elements, edible landscapes and more. She has a partnership with landscape contractors who can professionally install the garden design, but is happy to turn the design over to DIY homeowners who plan to install it on their own. Get in touch by emailing Renee at to find out more.

Here are some posts written specifically about garden design:


Here is a collection of some posts written about useful plants:





And here are some of the great gardens I have had the pleasure of visiting. Hope they give you some inspiration to use at home!

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