We’re slowly working on getting settled into our new homestead, which came with a dilapidated shed in the backyard. I specifically recall the house listing stating “shed has no value”. Although it was a major eye sore, I saw the potential for both garden tool storage and a sturdy chicken coop.


Existing shed at our new place

A local contractor rehabbed the shed, salvaging what wood he could, and rebuilding the structure. I drew up plans for him to add a chicken run, including a 3-D model with dimensions. Our new neighborhood has raccoons and I wanted something heavy and sturdy for our flock.


Bird’s eye view of the new shed/chicken coop design


View east of the new shed/chicken coop design


View south of the new shed/chicken coop design

Construction took about four days with three tough guys on the job. After day one, our backyard looked like the shed exploded. Some wood was able to be salvaged, but most was rotten.


The exploded shed

We are building the hen house part of the coop ourselves. It will essentially be a big wooden box with a hinged side to open for cleaning. It will sit on the floor of the shed, which is about 2-3′ higher than the floor of the run. I’m so excited to have a dry, protected area for the bedding, feed and other supplies.


Red dashed line shows where access door will be cut. Interior red line shows where hen house will be built.

The contractor added some nice venting along the roof. Along with the two existing windows, the girls should be able to get some nice fresh air into their coop. People can be overly concerned with making the hen house air tight, but it’s actually healthier for them to get fresh ventilation.


Shed vents – openings with wire coverings

The girls are already enjoying the new run. Portland has been pouring rain the last couple days and I am so happy to report the run has stayed nice and dry. No more leaky roof!


Almost finished shed/chicken coop. Still needs paint, door knob and final hen house.

Stay tuned for updates later this summer as we get the hen house finished and paint the shed. There are so many major changes planned for this soon-to-be-garden. It already feels more like home to have the girls happily settled in their new digs.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson