In our series of room facelifts for our tiny house, we did some simple changes to our kitchen as well. This room functions as a kitchen and dining space and is luckily one of the larger rooms in our house.

Before the kitchen had a funky light hanging over the dining area from Ikea, which has since died of unknown causes. We were repurposing a free desk as a dining table, which was slightly too low and you bumped against the legs getting in and out of the dining nook. And the wall color was a bold terra cotta.

We started the facelift with color – lightening the room with Yolo Paint color Nourish 0.3. It’s a medium grey with a nice, rich, earthy tone. Since there is so much cabinet in the room, going with a richer color didn’t darken things. It really shows off the other colors in the room, like our well-used and loved copper pans that hang from the wall.

Years ago we put in these metal shelves from Ikea to add wall storage without taking up floor space. We decided to continue that metal accent theme with a really simple hanging lamp over the dining area. It has a vintage and somewhat farmhouse feel to me.

We ditched the office-desk-turned-dining-table and picked up a cheap table from Craig’s List. The table is now at the right height and the two pedestals for the base keep your legs free from kicking it when you get in and out. We’re planning to paint the legs the same color as the wall to make them less noticeable.

These were all relatively small improvements that have made a big difference in our kitchen space. The room feels crisp and clean with lots of storage – something you can never have enough of in the kitchen. Plus the neutrality lets the colors of yummy food be the star in the kitchen.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson