Park Slope Food Coop

I had the pleasure of discovering the Park Slope Food Coop the other day located here in Brooklyn, just a short walk from Jay’s apartment. It is one of the oldest and largest food coops in the nation, boasting over 12,000 members and established in 1973. What a treat to find a haven of organic,… Read more »

Scattered 4th

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! We made our annual trip back to Oklahoma to visit the in-laws, but it was such a whirlwind this year. I arrived Friday evening for dinner and left Sunday morning after breakfast. While I was there though, I enjoyed some of the natural beauty in Lake Eufaula… Read more »

Eugene Envy

I used to live in Eugene, Oregon, back in my college days and it’s a lovely town that will always hold a piece of my heart. Recently I spent the day there visiting some old friends and walking around my old stomping grounds. Here are a few pictures to share, since I am short on… Read more »

Fall Preparations

The last two weeks have been filled with travel – some for fun and some for work. I left town as summer was wrapping up and hints of Fall were settling in, but there is no mistaking the season now that I have returned. Portland is filled with brilliant shades of crimson, gold, blazing orange… Read more »

Autumn in New York

Last night I took the red-eye into New York City. I am here all weekend for work, but I decided to torture myself with a little sleep deprivation so I could have a bit more time to explore the city. This is not my first time to the city, but I think it would take… Read more »

Seattle Meetup

Sunday we drove up to Seattle and back for a NW Garden Bloggers meetup. It makes me feel like a huge nerd to say that out loud – partially because I think I sound like a nerd when I say I have a blog, and partially because this demonstrates my obscene obsession with plants and… Read more »

Home Away From Home

As I mentioned in my hasty post this morning, I just returned from a lovely week in Oklahoma visiting family. My in-laws live there and that has been a wonderful opportunity to explore a part of the country I never knew much about. My fourth of July could not have been more picturesque or more… Read more »

Back Home

As I sat at the airport a week ago today, at 4:30 am, I ran through everything in my head: Did I turn the soaker hoses off? Yes. Did we remember to lock the back door? Yes. Did we leave a clean towel for our house sitter? Yes. Did I write something on my blog… Read more »

Jay 3.0

I have been missing in action the last several days because we have been celebrating what I am calling “Jay 3.0″. In other words, my fabulous husband Jay turned 30 this past weekend. We rented out a huge beach house on the Oregon coast and invited some of his closest friends. The car was loaded… Read more »

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