First Transplants

When it’s sunny in Portland, it reminds all of us why we endure the 60-some consecutive days of rain in the winter. A sunny, warm day makes it all worth it to live here. The cherry blossoms are blooming around town and we left the windows open all day long. I got so hot working… Read more »

Hey Broccoli, Tell Your Friends!

The broccoli seeds have really taken off. This weekend they are getting moved out into a raised garden bed. The chives and leeks are just kind of “eh”. My poor kale, on the other hand, has not raised a single green peep. Tonight I replanted my kale seeds from last year in the newspaper pots,… Read more »

Spring Preparations

The first egg of the season arrived this weekend! Surely Spring can’t be far behind. I assume the little green egg was from Hazel, since she is the most consistent layer of all the girls. Pearl and Winnie gave up their egg-laying duties around Labor Day, but Hazel kept up through about mid-October. It kills… Read more »

And They’re Off!

The seeds have sprouted! Well, the broccoli seeds at least. The kale and chives have yet to poke their little heads out of my newspaper pots. They were seeds from last season so I am hoping they have not gone bad. Doesn’t it just seem too quick for seeds to “go bad” after one season?… Read more »

Anxiously Awaiting

It has only been a few days since planting my first round of seeds, but I am anxiously awaiting their arrival into the world. One would think aliens have landed in our house when they see the strange glow through our front window, blinds closed, eerily bright light peeking through openings. My eyes are just… Read more »

Newspaper Seed Pots

This is the first year I am starting seeds indoors for my vegetable and herb garden. In the past, I have been willing to take my chances shoving seeds directly in the ground when the weather was warm enough. After my experience last year with my urban chickens digging up and eating so many of… Read more »

Seed Swap

Seed swapping is a great way to pool your saved seeds with friends and divide up the loot. My sister came over this weekend and we spread out in the kitchen with our bounty from this past season. There was cheese. There was chocolate. There were good times to be had. It is such a… Read more »