June Harvests

Things are trucking along quite well on the ‘ole urban homestead this June. We are happily reaping some of the rewards from our perennial plantings last year. The two cherry trees have enough fruit to snack on between breaks in yard work. The artichokes have been prolific! We had a feast of them last night… Read more »

Flops and Fertilzer

Unfortunately, I have to admit the first year of starting seeds indoors has been a flop. Not all is wasted. I learned some good lessons, like how long to keep the grow light on… I also managed to just direct sow a lot of my seeds when the indoor versions were taking too long. The… Read more »

Garden Pests

The last few days I have begun to notice some pest damage to my plants outside. This morning I took a nice long stroll with a cup of coffee and inspected the situation. Slugs have been munching on the collard greens and the raspberry bushes. I have also noticed holes in some melon and squash… Read more »

May Sprouts

April flew by this year and everything seems to be growing along quite well. I took a turn through the garden and my currant shrubs are just covered with berries. This is their second year in my garden and last year I didn’t get a single berry. I remember one bush in particular started getting… Read more »

Sluggish Seedlings

This is the first time I have grown vegetables from seed indoors. Normally I am a direct-sow kinda girl, but I wanted the greater variety in vegetable options so I could focus on heirlooms this year. So I went out and bought a grow light, made my seed pots from newspaper, and got the growing… Read more »

Seed Packet Infestation

The weather in Portland has been very Spring-like over the last several weeks, but sure enough the winter weather has swept back through with one final blow. Snow, hail, and near-freezing temperatures decided to take another run through town and looks like they will hang around for a few more days. What I call “Portland’s… Read more »

First Transplants

When it’s sunny in Portland, it reminds all of us why we endure the 60-some consecutive days of rain in the winter. A sunny, warm day makes it all worth it to live here. The cherry blossoms are blooming around town and we left the windows open all day long. I got so hot working… Read more »

Hey Broccoli, Tell Your Friends!

The broccoli seeds have really taken off. This weekend they are getting moved out into a raised garden bed. The chives and leeks are just kind of “eh”. My poor kale, on the other hand, has not raised a single green peep. Tonight I replanted my kale seeds from last year in the newspaper pots,… Read more »

Spring Preparations

The first egg of the season arrived this weekend! Surely Spring can’t be far behind. I assume the little green egg was from Hazel, since she is the most consistent layer of all the girls. Pearl and Winnie gave up their egg-laying duties around Labor Day, but Hazel kept up through about mid-October. It kills… Read more »

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