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Four years ago I was spending 40+ hours a week at “work” and 40+ hours a week getting my hands dirty somewhere – digging in our garden, helping friends with garden designs, volunteering for the farmers market, etc. It was clear that I needed to make a choice between those two lives. I chose the… Read more »

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My Graduate Thesis: Equal Access

For three years I have been diligently working toward a masters in landscape architecture degree. This past week I had the pleasure of presenting my masters thesis to the department. Next week I will walk across the stage during commencement and accept my degree. My thesis is titled Equal Access: Providing Urban Agricultural Benefits to… Read more »

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Aaaaand collapse…

Juniper and I just returned from a long week in Eugene. I presented my graduate thesis yesterday to a great crowd of faculty, classmates and friends. The feedback I received was all very positive – almost surprisingly positive – and it felt great to share my research with the outside world. I’m pretty under the… Read more »

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Portland Prospects

Although I am in the midst of writing my thesis, I am already looking ahead toward June when I get to walk across that stage and accept my masters degree in landscape architecture. Focusing on graduating is helping my motivation stay strong amongst the many distractions around me – namely the baby kicking my rib… Read more »

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Fall Studio Wrap Up

I finished my LAST design studio of my grad program a couple weeks ago. Woohoo! Only a couple classes and my thesis stand in the way between me and graduation this June. We had a hypothetical project this past term involving high-speed rail. I worked with a great team of other landscape architecture grad students… Read more »

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Mendocino Woodlands Design

Spring term of my graduate program is not officially over, but it’s 95% over for me. Yesterday was my final review for my spring design studio and it went really well. The project this term was the Mendocino Woodlands, which is a historic camp in northern California. The camp was built in the 1930’s and… Read more »

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Chartreuse and Purple Garden

Everyone has their favorite color combination and mine is blooming around town this spring: chartreuse and purple. For me, chartreuse is a beautiful hint of spring – something new, young and vibrant. Purples feel soothing to me, calming and tranquil. When it comes to my backyard haven, I would love to lounge around in a… Read more »

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Fall Term Design Studio

As winter term of my landscape architecture program kicks in, I realized I should do a decent job recapping my project last term! I got to explore beneficial insect-attracting plants, plant species that do well in swales, and other fun ecological issues. I had the pleasure of working with a couple architecture students on the… Read more »

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Spring School Project

I can’t believe I made it through this year! School was wonderful, interesting, challenging – everything I hoped it would be. Jay living 3,000 miles away, taking on a huge writing project, and working side jobs complicated things a bit. I somehow managed to keep all those balls in the air and still have time… Read more »