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Holiday Cookies

We are lucky enough to spend this holiday season at home here in Oregon. We have family flying out to stay with us and a schedule packed with fun activities like wine tasting, hiking and reading lots of books.We may even squeeze in a movie or two, but are being careful not to be too… Read more »

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Post Thanksgiving Recap

I’m a little behind, only now posting about how my awesome Thanksgiving was. I enjoyed a long, relaxing morning of cooking. Friends came over and brought delicious food. We drank a lot of wine – a lot. And, aside from a little school work that morning, I focused on being present in my life. It… Read more »

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Stuffed Pumpkin Recipe

Jay found this great recipe recently from NPR during a segment when they were interviewing Dorie Greenspan about her cookbook, Around My French Table. The recipe calls for stuffing and roasting a whole pumpkin. You will find lots of variations of recipes over the last couple years for stuffing pumpkins with some combination of these goodies… Read more »

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Making Butter

I discovered something pretty magical: homemade butter! I am not the first backyard homesteader to discover the wonderful simplicity of making homemade butter, but I am the first one in my house to discover it. The process is simple, simple, simple. Get some heavy cream, pour it half full into a jar, then shake-shake-shake for… Read more »

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Apocalypse Pasta

It is hot, hot, hot in New York City during the summer and I am all about spending as little time as possible over a stove. Pasta is something I never got too excited about until this summer because it always seemed bland to me. I have been experimenting with new recipes that taste delicious… Read more »

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Shrimp Étouffée

Inspired by my earlier road trip this summer, I have been incorporating some new dishes into my cooking repertoire. By far the most challenging aspect is working in such a trimmed down kitchen. Our apartment has 12″ of counter space, very limited spices, no measuring spoons, and only a wooden spoon for cooking utensils. But… Read more »

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Road Trip: Arrival in New York

The road trip is over, for now. I was driving over the Staten Island Bridge heading into Brooklyn when my trip meter wound past 6,000 miles. What a long drive and how exciting to be home – however temporary that home may be. We hauled my suitcase, my watercolors and my books up three flights… Read more »

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Beet and Apple Salad

I am back in the college world and, although this time I am a grad student, the college tradition of every meal being a potluck lives on. The overall quality of potluck dishes seems to have increased from chips and salsa to things like homemade tiramisu. Since we are all busy these days with piles… Read more »

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Christmas in New York

I kind of disappeared from the online world last week when my mother-in-law arrived in New York to spend the holiday with us. Our days leading up to Christmas were filled with fabulous dinners and long walks through the bright city. We were lucky to have a little snow leftover from the previous weekend. Central… Read more »