Getting Outta Dodge

The end of the term draws closer and closer while the pile of work multiplies. This weekend, as the walls were closing in, I decided to spend a blissful 24-hours in my dearly missed hometown: Portland. No school work, no writing, just escaping back to home. Before leaving town I had picked a big basket… Read more »

Happy Birthday Blog

Three years ago today I started this blog, so happy birthday Hip Chick Digs! I was ready to revolutionize the yard at our new house. The front and back yard was covered in grass and I intended to replace it all with an edible landscape. After reading about permaculture techniques, I was all hot-to-trot on… Read more »

Natural Woodland Cemetery

Last week my Plants class took a field trip to the local Eugene Masonic Cemetery to study some native plants and a little landscape history. The cemetery was built in the mid-1850’s by the local Masonic league, back when the fraternal organization of the Freemasons were at the height of popularity. They undertook several community… Read more »

Holy Garden Moment

I had one of those moments today in the garden. It happened during a quiet morning, as the sun was shining, my muddy clogs on and a cup of coffee in hand as I walked around through my makeshift garden. The moment was something calming. Everything was perfect, in its imperfect way, and I felt… Read more »

Spring Break

I had a wonderful week of rest from graduate school wherein I was a recluse and spent most days inside writing. The sunshine looked nice from the window. But here are a few highlights of how I am enjoying spring. The hardy kiwi at my house in Portland is leafing out. I spent a morning… Read more »

More Later

My final review for the term is tomorrow – woohoo! My project this term was designing an area in the Lents neighborhood of Portland and converting it into an urban agricultural park for the local residents. I think it turned out well, but we will see what the feedback is in a few short hours…. Read more »

Christmas in New York

I kind of disappeared from the online world last week when my mother-in-law arrived in New York to spend the holiday with us. Our days leading up to Christmas were filled with fabulous dinners and long walks through the bright city. We were lucky to have a little snow leftover from the previous weekend. Central… Read more »

Renee 3.0

I celebrated my 30th birthday this past weekend on the Oregon Coast, surrounded by good friends. It was so much fun! I can’t imagine a better birthday weekend. Jay flew into town mid-week (distracting me from writing a second post last week…) and we drove out a little early to the beach house. My friends… Read more »

Oregon Country Fair

I experienced a truly unique, Eugene event this weekend: the Oregon Country Fair. This is an annual event held every year on the outskirts of town. Booths and stages are built into a forested setting and people buy tickets Friday through Sunday, either for the whole weekend or just one day. There are various food… Read more »

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