Patio Progress

I am officially tired of working on the patio. The project was a good idea, and I am sure there are lots of benefits of working on it ourselves. But I’m sick of it. We spent all day Saturday working away outside. We filled the dug out area with fine gravel from Mt Scott Fuel…. Read more »

Labor of Love

Jay finished construction on our 8′ wide x 8′ tall four-post pergola. We are calling it the Taj Mahal, as it was a labor in honor of love for me Sappy, but in a funny way. It’s safe to say that we are both incredibly impressed. He had no idea he could build something so… Read more »

Patio Plans

Of course I need another outdoor project! I have been wanting to build a patio in the backyard for some time, but have struggled with the best material options. There have been a few ideas floating around, but I was really starting to lean towards getting some nice flagstone and just going for it. It… Read more »

I’ve Got Skills

Our house has a fabulous new improvement, compliments of our mad carpentry skills. That’s right – we have skills. Carpentry skills. We have never been thrilled with our eating arrangement in the kitchen, and have hence not invited tons of friends over for dinner, unless the weather was nice enough to be outside. I had… Read more »