Edible Groundcovers

I’m excited to begin the design process at our new house and grateful for the blank slate yard that gives us a fresh start. The garden will likely emphasize edibles and I’m compiling a list of favorites. Here are some of my favorites. Thyme is a tough, evergreen ground cover. Cultivated varieties come in tiny,… Read more »

The Case for Boring Vegetables

My first years of gardening really focused on the divas of the produce world: tomatoes, pepper, eggplant and melons. Those are the plants that want a hot climate (something the mild NW can barely provide) and lots of water. They are the plants we garden nerds coo and crow over with one another, talking about… Read more »

Planting Potatoes: The Double Dig Method

St Patrick’s Day is usually my cue that potatoes need to be planted. You can still get your spuds in and have a decent harvest, but it needs to happen soon! Potatoes can be easily grown in something as simple as a bucket full of soil with drainage holes in the bottom. Although they are… Read more »

Prolific Potato Tires

After planting about 2-3 seed potatoes per tire and stacking them three tires high throughout the season, my end yield from this experiment was about 1 1/2-5 pounds of potato. This seemed to depend a lot on the variety. The russets were by far the best performer, followed by the Yukon Golds. The fingerlings were… Read more »

More Potatoes

Last year I tried an experiment with growing potatoes in tires and it seemed to work okay. Of the five varieties I planted, most seemed to produce a ton of potatoes in the first tire, a few in the second, and none in the third. I saved a couple of each variety from the harvest… Read more »

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