Calling All Portland Bloggers

My sister sent me this in an email and I’m intrigued. Since many of the readers here have their own blogs, are living in Portland, are to some degree interested in gardening, or any combination thereof… maybe you should consider this as well? Click this HERE to go to their site and see all the… Read more »

Highs and Lows

The budding urban food forest has a recent success: the fig tree is alive! In case you missed the earlier post, we transplanted a 15+ foot fig tree into our backyard in early June. Not a great time to transplant a fruit tree, and the fig was none too pleased with us. However, we kept… Read more »

Mulch Matters

I recently had a reader share with me some of the important benefits of incorporating mulch into permaculture gardens, to which I readily agreed. Then I realized, although I have been doing so in my garden, it’s something I haven’t really talked a lot about here. With Portland’s summer finally on it’s way, and reading… Read more »

In Loving Memory of Mabel

My sister, Anne, moved into her new house recently and decided it was finally time to get her own backyard chicken flock. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I decided to go with her to pick out the chicks at a local feed store. Who could turn down a trip to see such… Read more »

NW Vegetable Planting Chart

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I spent my winter months pouring over seed catalogs and various books on growing veggies in the NW. I wanted to maximize our space and grow as much as possible. Two resources were especially helpful in my planning: Portland Nursery’s Planting Calendar and Maritime Northwest Garden Guide which is produced… Read more »

Portland Permaculture Workshops

This is just a quick post for those living in the Portland metro area. Portland City Repair will be coordinating a lot of really interesting workshops, many of which appear to be free, that range in topics but include permaculture subjects. Click HERE for their list of workshops. I wish I could attend some, especially… Read more »

Pop Goes the Garden – Really?

In Toby Hemenway’s book on permaculture, Gaia’s Garden, he has a chapter called “Pop Goes the Garden”. I could only hope and pray that all the time and money spent would lead to at least some things living. But man – he was right! I just had to share some recent pictures of my hard… Read more »

Food Forest Arrives

After setting the stage, it was time to plug in the bigger pieces of the food forest. We went to One Green World out in Mollala that carries a great assortment of rare fruit and berry plants. They were great and very affordable. A couple hundred dollars later, and a sore back, the plants were… Read more »

Nesting Outside

I ride the bus to and from work, so I must have been a site to see in January and February. I would balance my travel mug in one hand and several seed and nursery catalogs in the other. After a few different sketches on Photo Shop, I landed on one final design that would… Read more »