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Dinner with Ruth

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a brief blog post about having dinner with Ruth Reichl, the editor-in-chief for Gourmet magazine. I then went on to get distracted with moving, wrapping up my job, etc. and never wrote my intended post. Here it is my friends! As I mentioned earlier, this opportunity came up through… Read more »

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Harvesting January

Everything outside is either dead or sleeping (well, except the chickens of course), but we are nowhere near empty here on our little urban homestead. The last year of canning, drying, freezing and cold storage has left us with tons of options still for eating local, organic produce. I wanted to share just a couple… Read more »

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Overrun with Asian Pears

When my mother was looking for a new house several years ago, one of the many things she wanted was a low-maintenance backyard with no fruit trees. I was with her when she saw her house for the first time. I could tell immediately that she had decided this was ” the one”. And I… Read more »

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Farewell Steve

I am looking forward to a Sunday evening when I am not butchering livestock in my backyard. For the past week I have been trying to find Steve a new home. And to no avail. Sadly, you only need one male for every 20 something females in multiple species, and chickens are included in that… Read more »

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Typical Spring Evening

I can see how my routines look awfully strange to people sometimes. When I recap my weekend, for example, it’s usually a stark contrast to other people’s weekends. My evenings typically stray this direction as well. So I thought I would recap my evening tonight as an example. First things first – I stopped by… Read more »

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Motivation Canned

My childhood home was a 1930’s farmhouse situation on 3/4 of an acre in SE Portland, which as a child seemed like an endless plot of land. For someone living out in the country, that probably doesn’t seem like much. Being within the city limits though, I had the biggest yard of anyone I knew… Read more »

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House Bound

Apparently I am a huge procrastinator. Who knew? Okay, I actually knew that already, but maybe you didn’t? A little off topic, but the headlight on our car has been out for a month, I’ve been pulled over and given warnings twice, and yet it still has no new headlight. An auto parts store is… Read more »

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Backyard Harvest

The backyard food forest has been taking off the last month or so. The seeds planted in late June have been growing rapidly, which is exciting. I have some great examples of simple permaculture methods on display out back. The runner beans are climbing through the fruit tree branches for support, while they give back… Read more »

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Life as an Urban Chicken

Having a small backyard flock of urban chickens seems like such a normal, everyday thing for me now that I haven’t really posted a lot about “the girls”. But some of my readers have asked that I share more stories on the blog about the latest chic news. Now that I think of it, there… Read more »