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Fall Term Design Studio

As winter term of my landscape architecture program kicks in, I realized I should do a decent job recapping my project last term! I got to explore beneficial insect-attracting plants, plant species that do well in swales, and other fun ecological issues. I had the pleasure of working with a couple architecture students on the… Read more »

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Lents Town Center Design

As I mentioned last week, I recently wrapped up another term in my Masters in Landscape Architecture studio. This term we were allowed to choose a site that personally interests us. The site had to originally be focused on a “line” in Oregon somewhere. My “line” was Foster Blvd in Southeast Portland, in the Lents… Read more »

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Sunday Bliss

Today I had the pleasure of doing some of my favorite things. We begin our morning bright and early with some delicious coffee. Then a trip to the local farms on Sauvie Island with my lovely friend Denise. We make a great combo because neither of us is ready to quit after just one farm…. Read more »

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Bee-Keeping Workshop

Last Sunday at the Lents International Farmer’s Market, they had a guest speaker come to talk about bee-keeping in the city. This has been something I have been curious about for some time, but I was never really sure if you could do that in the city. To answer that question, yes you can keep… Read more »

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Fo-Po Garden Tour

As I’ve mentioned before, I am participating in the first annual Fo-Po Garden Tour this Sunday from 10am-2:00pm. I am technically outside the Foster-Powell neighborhood in Portland, but they are letting me slip in anyways. Everything is suppose to be really informal, but alas I find myself freaking out a bit in preparation!?! There is… Read more »

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The Joiner

I have become quite the joiner this past week! Although I love the virtual community of gardeners, I have been searching for ways to join a community of gardeners here in Portland. It’s proven more challenging than I first anticipated. I began the search with gardening clubs. To date, I have found only a couple… Read more »