Container Herb Garden

I have always found it challenging to be a container gardener without spending loads of cash on pretty pots, but as time goes on I find myself becoming more resourceful with what could make a good plant home. One of the latest spontaneous containers uses an old plastic nursery pot. The japanese maple we received… Read more »

Garden Karma

This weekend I have been contributing to the world of garden karma. Sometimes we take, and sometimes we give back. I spent two lovely, brisk autumn days giving back but walked off with more than I had walking in. Yesterday I spent a few hours at my lovely friend Denise’s house out in St Johns… Read more »

Drying Herbs

As the holidays approach, this is the perfect time to replenish the spice cabinet with some dried, homegrown herbs. I cut some of the perennials way back towards the end of summer and they have been patiently hanging on our covered porch to dry for a few weeks now. Things like sage, rosemary, thyme, chives,… Read more »

Healing Herbs

“There are no worthless herbs, only the lack of knowledge.” -Chinese saying I’m sick and spent most of the day laying in bed trying to rest. On a sunny day, it pains me to be so incredibly unproductive. But I’ve had a mild fever and shaky body, so I don’t exactly have much choice. I… Read more »

Building an Herb Spiral

There are some major projects going on in the backyard right now! Jay is building me an 8′ x 8′ four-post trellis for my hardy kiwis to grow up – aren’t I a lucky girl? He spent the whole weekend on the project: gathering the materials from multiple lumber yards, measuring off the area, digging… Read more »

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