Office Produce

I have been bringing excess produce into the office now for about a month, every Wednesday. This has really kept my vegetables on a steady production schedule – trimming things back every Wednesday morning just encourages the plants to produce replacements by the weekend, when we typically pull more from the garden for our dinners…. Read more »

What Won’t I Give Up?

I am obviously new to this “tagging” business because it took me a couple days to figure out what I am suppose to do with the shout out that Phelan gave me. She writes a great blog called “A Homesteading Neophyte“. The challenging question is “What will you refuse to give up to save Mother… Read more »

Office Farmer’s Market

Last week I realized I was losing the battle trying to keep up with my lettuce, but I was determined not to lose the war. The war in this scenario would be the lettuce getting so out-of-hand that it goes to seed. When vegetables go to seed, that basically means they are done being edible… Read more »

First Farmers Market

Portland’s largest farmers market will be opening for the season tomorrow! I love this downtown market, near Portland State University along the park blocks. It is open from 8:30am to 2:00 in the afternoon. The farmers market near me, the Lents International farmers market, won’t be open until June. It is much smaller and less… Read more »

The Produce Bible/Gardening Gifts

The latest addition to my growing cookbook collection is called The Produce Bible, by Leanne Kitchen (nice name). I was wandering through the Powell’s Home & Garden location on Hawthorne and it caught my eye. Although I have a few books already with some good gardener/farmer’s market recipes, this one has been a nice addition…. Read more »

Little Farms That Could

I heard a sad statistic on NPR the other day that of all the farmers markets popping up across the nation each year, only half actually succeed after the first few years. Those that make it become incredibly successful, but still many aren’t getting to that point. Portland has many examples of the success stories:… Read more »

Calling All Portland Bloggers

My sister sent me this in an email and I’m intrigued. Since many of the readers here have their own blogs, are living in Portland, are to some degree interested in gardening, or any combination thereof… maybe you should consider this as well? Click this HERE to go to their site and see all the… Read more »

A Lighter Shade of Green

The New York Times had an excellent article a week ago Sunday (7/8) that I have to share called “Buying Into the Green Movement”. We all know the good ol’ recycling phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, but rarely does modern America adopt that first part of the phrase into daily habit. Most of us are aware… Read more »