Natural Woodland Cemetery

Last week my Plants class took a field trip to the local Eugene Masonic Cemetery to study some native plants and a little landscape history. The cemetery was built in the mid-1850’s by the local Masonic league, back when the fraternal organization of the Freemasons were at the height of popularity. They undertook several community… Read more »

Park Slope Food Coop

I had the pleasure of discovering the Park Slope Food Coop the other day located here in Brooklyn, just a short walk from Jay’s apartment. It is one of the oldest and largest food coops in the nation, boasting over 12,000 members and established in 1973. What a treat to find a haven of organic,… Read more »

Turkey Day

As millions of Americans spent their weekend crammed into the grocery store stocking up for Thanksgiving, I was hanging out on a nearby farm for turkey-butchering day. Some people would find that odd, while to others the thought of buying a factory-farmed, hormone-pumped frozen bird wrapped in plastic for $1 a pound – something that… Read more »

My Dinner Guest

Last night I had dinner with Ruth Reichl. I didn’t just have dinner with her in the sense that we were both eating out last night in Portland. We were not just eating at the same restaurant. We were not just sitting near each other at a communal table at a small diner. I had… Read more »

Seed Exchange Party

Sunday I took a nice long drive up north of Seattle, Washington, to participate in a seed exchange at Laura’s Not-So-Urban Hennery. And somehow I managed to convince my friend Denise to come along! Round trip, this was a seven hour drive, plus a diversion to Morton, Washington, to visit a nursery that I will… Read more »

Blueberry Fields Forever

It was another gorgeous Friday afternoon spent picking berries after a long work week. My friend and I snuck out of town early and over to nearby Sauvie’s Island. There is a wonderful blueberry farm out there that grows about ten different varieties. This evening we were picking Blue Ray, which are giant bushes heavy… Read more »

The Joiner Updates

In a flurry of adventurous ambition, I volunteered to help out at a few different events this summer. There was the Foster-Powell (Fo-Po) Garden Tour. Then I signed up for the Lents Farmer’s Market. And finally the 5th Annual Tour de Coops. All of these are events here in Portland. The Fo-Po Garden Tour was… Read more »

Office Produce

I have been bringing excess produce into the office now for about a month, every Wednesday. This has really kept my vegetables on a steady production schedule – trimming things back every Wednesday morning just encourages the plants to produce replacements by the weekend, when we typically pull more from the garden for our dinners…. Read more »

What Won’t I Give Up?

I am obviously new to this “tagging” business because it took me a couple days to figure out what I am suppose to do with the shout out that Phelan gave me. She writes a great blog called “A Homesteading Neophyte“. The challenging question is “What will you refuse to give up to save Mother… Read more »

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