Making Good Garden Soil

A garden is only going to be as good as its soil quality, which is why we gardeners are obsessed with building better soil. Many of us are not blessed with perfect soil where we have planted our gardens. We also do not have the luxury of an endless gardening budget, allowing us to bring… Read more »

Updated Frugal Projects

Before leaving our house in Portland, I took a few snapshots of projects that have been allowed to grow. Remember when I found that ugly old brass dog kennel fencing? I took it apart and hung it on the outside of our house, hoping to the train the rose there to climb up the fencing…. Read more »

Lettuce Hanging Baskets

Our garden is starting to take off for the season and this weekend required some thinning in the raised beds. I salvaged some lettuce starts by transporting them to new containers. In this case, I used two old plastic hanging baskets I received as a gift a few years back. At that time, they were… Read more »

Container Herb Garden

I have always found it challenging to be a container gardener without spending loads of cash on pretty pots, but as time goes on I find myself becoming more resourceful with what could make a good plant home. One of the latest spontaneous containers uses an old plastic nursery pot. The japanese maple we received… Read more »

Slow Motion Makeover

Our front yard is a troubling area for me. So much of my attention has been focused on our backyard oasis that the front yard has become an after thought. We have two currants, two flowering quince, a fruiting dogwood, an aronia, a cornelian cherry and an herb spiral all planted in the front yard…. Read more »

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