Wedding Flowers

One of my friends got married yesterday, which was very sweet and exciting. Although I have no experience doing wedding flowers, she enlisted my help since I know plants and have an eye for design. At first I wasn’t nervous because we were talking one casual bridal bouquet for a small, ten person ceremony. But… Read more »

Farmer’s Market Restraint

I had the pleasure of spending Saturday morning with a good friend at the farmer’s market in downtown Portland. It’s the largest one in town and the earliest to open for the season. The past couple weekends have been too busy, so this is my first market trip for the year. I showed incredible restraint… Read more »

Small Steps

There has been a lot going on this past weekend, so very little garden work was done. Honestly, that was okay. A friend pointed out to me that I am the only one he knows who is outside working the soil in Portland right now. I think I deserve a little break. The good thing… Read more »