Growing Ducklings

The baby ducklings are blossoming into awkward adolescents. Gosh, it seems like just yesterday they came home in a little box all new and fuzzy. Today they look like lanky teenagers getting their first little bits of scruff (mostly on their tail feathers). Their brooder has been upgraded in size about three times since we… Read more »

Naming the Ducklings

It has been a great week with our new homestead addition: the darling foursome of runner ducklings. They have grown really fast in such a short time, and it’s high time these ladies had proper names. What better place to go for ideas on names that you guys! I would love your suggestions. Let’s introduce… Read more »

Newest Homestead Additions: Ducklings

Are you ready to see the cutest things ever? Meet our newest family members: four adorable Runner ducklings. We are just head over heels in love with these rubber-beaked beauties. After much searching, I discovered the Urban Farm feed store in SE Portland was carrying a huge assortment of both chicks and ducklings. They somehow… Read more »

Duck Breed Decisions

I need your help! I hinted the other day that our backyard flock of chickens may be getting some new neighbors. We are adding ducks to our modern homestead and we need to decide on a breed. These cute little creatures are becoming increasingly popular as a backyard livestock option. They are docile creatures and… Read more »