Canning Tomatoes

It’s been quite chilly at night here, but for the last couple weeks our windows are fogged up late at night with the smell of simmering tomatoes and herbs wafting through the house. Not an uninviting home, but I could due with an earlier bedtime during these shorter days. The winter hiberation cannot begin quite… Read more »

Pear Chutney = Sweet Piece of Heaven

The only chutney I have ever really used has been store bought. I thought it was okay, but nothing to write home about. Well, my friends, that is true no more for I have discovered the sweet piece of heaven that is homemade chutney. This basic pear chutney recipe came from the Ball cookbook, but… Read more »

Asian Pear Butter Success

There has been successful canning at my house! About a week ago I mentioned the pear butter I had attempted to make with the asian pears from my mom’s house. Sadly, I had made pear sauce (like apple sauce) because the cookbook I was using didn’t specify times. And who knew you need to simmer… Read more »

Motivation Canned

My childhood home was a 1930’s farmhouse situation on 3/4 of an acre in SE Portland, which as a child seemed like an endless plot of land. For someone living out in the country, that probably doesn’t seem like much. Being within the city limits though, I had the biggest yard of anyone I knew… Read more »