Canning Tomatoes

Class is in full swing at the Urban Farm, but there is still more produce than 68 students can handle. The first week of class I came home with another, somewhat smaller, bucket of tomatoes. I’m not really hurting for marinara sauce anymore and we are pretty stocked on ketchup. I decided it would be… Read more »

Canning Pears

Remember September? Where did the rest of that month? I had a birthday, it turned from summer to fall, school started, I kept bringing home buckets of produce from the Urban Farm, and I made multiple trips to the store to buy more canning jars. That sums up how the last two or three weeks… Read more »

Holy Tomatoes

Almost every evening since I’ve been back in Oregon has revolved around some sort of food preservation. The produce… it waits for no one! The canner assumed the position on the stove next to my copper stockpot, where they have been actively bubbling away since. The tomatoes started ripening in late August, so when we… Read more »

Home Sweet Home

We made it back safe and sound to Oregon! Look for a couple more posts in the next week or two about the fun road trip we had heading back West. We are renting a 1930’s bungalow just a few blocks from campus this year and I am excited to get settled. It has been… Read more »

Winter Provisions

Food preservation is a lot of work at the time – you won’t find much disagreement with that statement. There are a few things you can do to lighten the mood, like canning with friends or enjoying a beer while you make your own homebrew. Due to my hard work this fall, my winter cupboards… Read more »

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