Share Your Homesteading Tips

The fine folks over at Fulcrum Publishing are offering a giveaway for my book, Modern Homestead. All you need to do is comment on their blog or Facebook page offering one of your best homesteading tips. Tonight at the dinner table I was talking with Jay about how I approach moving into new digs. Step… Read more »

My Book: Modern Homestead

I am very excited to share the news that I wrote a book that will be released shortly! The book is called Modern Homestead: Grow, Raise, Create. The book is designed to give readers everything they need to know to get their homesteads up and running or expand their current homesteading horizon with new, fun… Read more »

Making a Dill Crock

I got really excited earlier this week when I was flipping through my Stocking Up book on the bus into work. In this book, they reprint an excerpt from Euell Gibbons in which he describes a method of making a large dill crock. Essentially, a dill crock is one giant container of mixed crunchy vegetables… Read more »

Saving August

The month of August in our garden means produce bonanza. This year I vowed to preserve the bounty better than years past. There have been three books on preserving that have been constant fixtures in our living room, where I thumb through recipes planning how to make the most out of our garden. In case… Read more »

New Additions

I spent my Sunday afternoon at the downtown Powell’s bookstore and came away with a couple new and exciting additions to my book collection. As I went in search of the permaculture books in the gardening section, I realized there is a whole new addition in the area called “Sustainable Living”. I just about screamed… Read more »

New Book Decisions

Decisions, decisions… I have a Powell’s gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I think this weekend is the one to spend it. I’m in a funk and nothing says instant-happiness than some good materialistic fulfillment. The seeds are still sprouting on my record player, so my vinyl can’t take the funk away…. Read more »

The Produce Bible/Gardening Gifts

The latest addition to my growing cookbook collection is called The Produce Bible, by Leanne Kitchen (nice name). I was wandering through the Powell’s Home & Garden location on Hawthorne and it caught my eye. Although I have a few books already with some good gardener/farmer’s market recipes, this one has been a nice addition…. Read more »

You Grow Girl

My friend Erika mentioned this book to me about a year ago, called “You Grow Girl” by Gayla Trail. I was in the midst of my permaculture high from finishing up “Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway, so I didn’t really let her recommendation sink in… (By the way – just to pat myself on the… Read more »

House Bound

Apparently I am a huge procrastinator. Who knew? Okay, I actually knew that already, but maybe you didn’t? A little off topic, but the headlight on our car has been out for a month, I’ve been pulled over and given warnings twice, and yet it still has no new headlight. An auto parts store is… Read more »