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Renee Wilkinson received her masters degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon. She works full-time as a designer at a Portland-based landscape architecture firm.

She occasionally takes on additional design projects when the stars align with the right project at the right time. Renee enjoys creating outdoor spaces that entice people to connect with nature, grow their own food and support native wildlife. Her design process distills down the dreams and creativity of her clients into gorgeous landscape realities.

Samples of her recent residential work can be seen in her design portfolio.



The design process is broken up into the following phases:

1. Design Consultation

To begin the process, clients complete a detailed questionnaire to help determine what the goals and dreams are for the outdoor space. Renee then schedules a time to meet clients at the site for an in-depth conversation about the project to discuss initial design ideas, project phasing (if applicable), site challenges and opportunities.

2. Proposal

Following the design consultation, Renee submits a proposal that includes the scope of work and her design fee. If the homeowners want the project to be professionally installed, Renee can work closely with landscape contractors to implement her design to ensure corners are not cut and the final project reflects her design intention. Homeowners review this with Renee and sign a contract for approval to proceed.

3. Site Analysis

After contract approval, Renee returns to the site for a thorough analysis. She measures the outdoor space, makes an inventory of existing plants, notes sun/soil/drainage conditions, and creates a base map for her design recommendations.

4. Schematic Design

Renee then creates a schematic design based on client input and the site analysis. This sketched garden plan shows the general placement of major garden elements – hardscaping, plant beds, lawn areas, etc.

5. Final Design

After receiving client approval of the schematic design, Renee adds detail for a final design plan that can be turned over for a contractor to install. This may include drafted details of hardscape elements, planting plans and plant lists, a plant maintenance summary, and other notes. Renee typically prefers to be onsite to supervise the planting plan installation to ensure exact placement and care of plants.

alliumGeneral FAQ

Cost and Terms: Residential design fees tend to range from $500-3,500, depending on the size and complexity of a given project.

Have a smaller project or just want some brainstorming for your space? Renee is occasionally available for design consultations for $75/hr.

Installation: Renee partners with landscape contractors for the construction phase of her designs. She is also happy to create designs for DIY homeowners and help them determine phasing of the project over time.


Contact: Email Renee directly at to find out more about her design services. And don’t forget to check out some of her past projects at her design portfolio.