garden-happyRenee Wilkinson received her masters degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon. She works as a residential landscape designer to help homeowners transform their outdoor spaces. Renee partners with licensed contractors to ensure the design vision becomes a well-constructed reality.

Renee is especially interested in planting design, nature-play spaces and sustainable landscape practices. She incorporates ecologically-sensitive design elements, such as native gardens, low-water plants and local building materials. She creates gardens that entice people to connect with nature, grow their own food and support native wildlife.

Samples of her recent residential work can be seen in her design portfolio.



A typical design process is broken up into the following phases:

1. Design Consultation

Clients answer some initial questions about the project scope, such as the size of their outdoor space, scale of design help needed, project timing and general budget. Renee schedules a time to meet clients at their home for an in-depth conversation about the project.

2. Proposal

Renee submits a proposal that includes the scope of work and her design fee. When a signed contract and initial payment is received, the design fun begins!

3. Information Gathering

Renee performs a thorough site analysis, taking measurements, inventorying existing plants, noting sun vs. shade areas, soil type, drainage conditions, etc. Clients send Renee any additional information such as pictures of gardens they like, plants they want included in the final design and other inspirational pieces.

4. Conceptual Design

Renee then creates a design concept to scale based on client input and the results of the site analysis. This illustrative, 2D garden plan shows the general placement of major garden elements including hardscape areas (like patios, pathways, decks, etc), plant beds, lawn areas, and other applicable garden elements. This plan is often accompanied by a plant palette, if included in the project scope.

5. Final Design

Renee creates technical drawings with dimensions of the various design elements. This document can be used by a licensed contractor to communicate the design intent as they use their professional judgement to install the design.

alliumGeneral FAQ

Design Fees: Residential design fees tend to range from $500-750 for a Concept Design. A Final Design can be anywhere from $1,000-3,000 depending on the site and complexity of the project.

Have a smaller project or just want some brainstorming for your space? Renee offers in person consultations at an hourly rate of $75, billed in half hour increments. Consultations typically last about two hours.

Contact: Email Renee directly at to find out more about her design services and availability to work on your project. And don’t forget to check out some of her past projects at her design portfolio.

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