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Heiße Zitrone

I got hit with either a bad, bad cold or the flu and have been held up on the couch for the last two days. I have a fever and every bone in my body aches. Admittedly, I am not the best patient because I have a hard time sitting still. That said, I am… Read more »

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The Cleanse: Final Week

We have been experimenting with a cleanse diet for the last three weeks. There are several cleanse diets out there and we used one a friend has done for years. The rules are as follows: *No caffeine, alcohol, drugs of any kind, processed sugar, table salt (sea salt only), meat, dairy, processed foods, unnatural preservatives,… Read more »

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The Cleanse: Week 1

The first week of a four week cleanse is now behind me. The first two days were pretty rough, as I had an amazing headache from caffeine withdrawal. Day 3-7 was a juice diet, where you can eat any fruits and veggies, but they must be pureed. About Day 4 was when I actually started… Read more »

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The Cleanse

I’m doing a cleanse. Yes, a rid-your-body-of-toxins-hippie-cleanse-detox-thing. It’s hard to say when this idea came about for me, but it was at least a couple years ago. The idea of going on a restricted diet, with no processed foods, seemed like an interesting way to make a fresh start on spring. In general, I tend… Read more »