Growing Chicks

The baby chicks are babies no more! The baby fuzz is being replaced with real feathers and they have just grown so much in only a couple weeks. I caught one of the little girls standing on top of the waterer this morning, to the dismay of her sisters. They were squawking at her, trying… Read more »

Cat-Proof Raised Vegetable Beds

We adopted our cat, Lionel, from the Oregon Humane Society a couple years ago. OHS is a wonderful organization with some of the highest adoption rates in the country and our cat has been a wonderful addition to our home. I have never had a cat and a garden before though, and sometimes that combination… Read more »

Meet the Chicks

It’s time to introduce the baby chicks to our viewing audience. I haven’t decided on any names, but then I am not really sure I should. I am already starting to get attached to these young chicks I am planning on adopting out, so naming them probably isn’t a great idea. But here they are… Read more »

Hello Girls!

About a year ago, my sister Anne told me she wanted to get chickens. We live in a city. A small one, but a city none the less. I believe I promptly replied by telling her she was nuts. I’m not sure how long it took me for that thought to later sink in and… Read more »

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