These Jars Need Filling

Winter waits for no one as I make a mad dash to fill these remaining canning jars. Sure there is school work, freelance work, writing projects, travel plans, Halloween costumes… But the canning season comes to an abrupt halt and I can’t bear to see those jars sit there empty all winter. I’m busy canning… Read more »

Welcome Fall

It doesn’t feel like Fall today, and yet today it officially begins. The temperature is suppose to climb to the 90’s this afternoon and yet I get an unexplainable itch every year at this time to stock my cupboards and prepare for old man winter. To date, my cupboards are stocked with the following: 10… Read more »

Tomato Sauce = Fail

My eyes are still wet with tears and I can’t believe I am making myself write this post. I had a huge bucket of Roma tomatoes from the Urban Farm I have been planning to can into marinara sauce. I waited a week for them to ripen to the perfect level. You don’t want them… Read more »

Endless Squash

So much summer squash… so much zucchini… so many patty pans… Saturday was a really raining morning, the kind I actually prefer to work outside in. That meant fewer volunteers showed up, but the summer squash waits for no one – it still needed to be picked. If we decided to put it off a… Read more »

Canning Season

Canning season has begun at my house, although I was trying to hold off until later in the month to really get into things. It dawned on me the other day though when I reached into the cupboard and found one last, lonely jar of jam that berry season would be gone if I waited… Read more »

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