Strawberry Waffles and Funny Eggs

Like a crazy woman, I went back to the local farm to u-pick more strawberries. Our cupboards are stocked with jam and I am getting tired of standing over the stock pot stirring. So this round I decided to just freeze them all – easy and versatile. I lightly rinsed the berries, since they can… Read more »

Found the Off Button

Typically I go a million miles an hour trying to balance roughly 10 things at once while standing on my head blindfolded. I am happy to report, however, that my summer break from school and work has led me to discover the off button. I am still doing little projects – writing, some book events,… Read more »

Swiss Chard for Dinner

We have been having swiss chard for dinner now for about three months. It’s a versatile vegetable packedĀ  with great vitamins and minerals – especially great for getting through these last weeks of winter. I thought I would share some simple ways we have been cooking it up. Nothing fancy – just simple cooking with… Read more »

Busy Spring Chickens

My flock of urban chickens have had quite the busy and productive Spring this year. They enjoyed free-ranging in the backyard in the early months while I had my row covers on, but on now back on ranging hiatus in their coop while the garden grows in. Since late February they have been steadily producing… Read more »

Egg Recipe: Kale and Potato Spanish Tortilla

A few years ago I lived in Barcelona, Spain, for about a year and I never tired of the simple Spanish tortilla – something more like a quiche and not at all related to the thin thing you wrap a burrito in. The traditional dish is typically made with olive oil, eggs, potatoes and not… Read more »

Egg Recipes: Cowboy Hash

This is the first of a series of posts intended to share recipes I enjoy that call for lots of eggs. All three of our urban hens are laying a steady supply of delicious, organic eggs and our family of two needs to stay on top of it! I have been absorbed for the last… Read more »

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