Fall Crops

There is a changing of the guard going on outside in the garden. The change is most evident in the powdery mildew creeping across the vegetable patch, telling our plants that it’s time to close up shop for the season. Powdery mildew can affect plants in the prime of summer as well, most often if… Read more »

May Ripening

This is the first year where my vegetable garden has really been where I have wanted it to be by June. The tomato starts are all doing well, the arugula keeps trying to go to seed, the red mesclum mix lettuces are full, and the kale is enormous! Outside the raised beds, the rest of… Read more »

Vegetable Beds Planted

The raised vegetables beds have been planted periodically since early March. The cold weather spinach and kale went in first and I used thick plastic as row covers to keep them toasty. A few weeks later I added carrots, lettuces, beets and parsnips. The plastic have given all those vegetables a great start and they… Read more »

American Victory Gardens in World War II

For those of you who commented on my last post or emailed me asking to read the research paper I wrote on Victory Gardens, here you go! Keep in mind this is a short research paper, so it is a little dry. My favorite part by far was reviewing the reseearch material. Those old, yellow… Read more »

Growing a Victory Garden

Recently I have been working on a small research paper about the history of Victory Gardens in the US during World War II. As an advocate of edible urban gardening, be that cultivating a grass-less yard to beekeeping to urban chickens, Victory Gardens mark an interesting time in our history where I feel my advocacy… Read more »

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