Beet Leaves

You can enjoy your beets before they are even big enough to pull from the ground. Their leaves are really high in vitamin A nutrients, along with vitamin C, iron and calcium with a taste similar to swiss chard. Although you can eat them raw, I prefer to saute them in a little olive oil…. Read more »

Fall Preparations

The last two weeks have been filled with travel – some for fun and some for work. I left town as summer was wrapping up and hints of Fall were settling in, but there is no mistaking the season now that I have returned. Portland is filled with brilliant shades of crimson, gold, blazing orange… Read more »

Spring Vegetables

“We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden.” -Anonymous My grandfather had a good day today. He was lucid for most of the day, which was wonderful, and I was able to have a nice, short visit with him. We talked about our normal subject: how the garden… Read more »