Potato Tires Harvest

Several months ago I began the experiment of growing potatoes in recycled tires. It seemed like a good, logical idea. Growing potatoes requires occasional mounding of the soil as the green stalks grow, resulting in more potatoes. So why not do this in a very linear way while re-using old tires at the same time?… Read more »

Potato Tires: Final Stack

This summer I am trying out the method of intensively growing potatoes in old tires. I wrote about it back in this post if you want more details. Essentially the goal is to grow more potatoes in less space, and reuse some old tires in the process. So far, so good with the tires experiment…. Read more »

Potato Tire Stacks: Progress

This past winter I decided to try growing potatoes in tires. I have never grown potatoes before, mainly because it seems they take up a lot of space. Living in a small urban lot, space is a premium. The method is basically planting 2-3 seed potatoes per tire. Once the leaves get high, you add… Read more »

Typical Spring Evening

I can see how my routines look awfully strange to people sometimes. When I recap my weekend, for example, it’s usually a stark contrast to other people’s weekends. My evenings typically stray this direction as well. So I thought I would recap my evening tonight as an example. First things first – I stopped by… Read more »

Growing Potatoes in Tires

This is a new venture for me: growing potatoes in tires. I read about this initially on this Ed Hume website and became intrigued. Looking back, I must have meant to just research growing potatoes in general and somehow discovered the concept of using old tires to do it. It intrigues me for a couple… Read more »

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