Early Flowering Plants: Part I

Another term of tromping around in the rain for my Plants class has passed, and sadly so. The Plants sequence in my landscape architecture program lasts three terms, which is a total of nine months, and it is really fantastic – my favorite class by far. Rain or shine, (mostly rain) we walk all around… Read more »

Spring Awakenings

Last year, Portland had a late frost which impacted a lot of fruit crops. Everything seemed to be about 3-4 weeks late all season long as a result. I think earlier crops, like cherries, were more severely damaged. Without a late frost (knock on wood), things are exploding outside. This is one of our two… Read more »

Wedding Flowers

One of my friends got married yesterday, which was very sweet and exciting. Although I have no experience doing wedding flowers, she enlisted my help since I know plants and have an eye for design. At first I wasn’t nervous because we were talking one casual bridal bouquet for a small, ten person ceremony. But… Read more »

Farmer’s Market Restraint

I had the pleasure of spending Saturday morning with a good friend at the farmer’s market in downtown Portland. It’s the largest one in town and the earliest to open for the season. The past couple weekends have been too busy, so this is my first market trip for the year. I showed incredible restraint… Read more »

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