Early Flowering Plants: Part I

Another term of tromping around in the rain for my Plants class has passed, and sadly so. The Plants sequence in my landscape architecture program lasts three terms, which is a total of nine months, and it is really fantastic – my favorite class by far. Rain or shine, (mostly rain) we walk all around… Read more »

Problem Solver: Salal

Salal is one of those Northwest natives that I have often heard people talk, but have never been familiar with it myself. In my Plants class this term, we are studying evergreen trees, shrubs and ground covers. We learned all about Salal this week and it is really a fantastic problem-solver in the garden. The… Read more »

The Highline

If you are into cool, modern garden design, check out this new park in New York City: The Highline. What used to be an old railway line raised above the city streets has now been converted it into a public park in West Chelsea and Meatpacking District on the city’s west side. The rail lines… Read more »

Final Fall Project

As part of the curriculum in my three year landscape architecture masters program, almost every term includes a design studio where we work on a sometimes-hypothetical and sometimes-real landscape architecture project. We spend long-long-long hours in studio, getting to know each other a little too well, and then “pin up” our final design and drawings… Read more »

The French Kitchen Garden

This morning I am frantically cramming for a midterm in one of my classes. In this particular class, we have been studying some of the greatest gardens in the world. Although taking tests is always a drag, it is a pretty good excuse to immerse myself in something I am completely obsessed with anyways: gardens…. Read more »

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