Final Fall Project

As part of the curriculum in my three year landscape architecture masters program, almost every term includes a design studio where we work on a sometimes-hypothetical and sometimes-real landscape architecture project. We spend long-long-long hours in studio, getting to know each other a little too well, and then “pin up” our final design and drawings… Read more »

The French Kitchen Garden

This morning I am frantically cramming for a midterm in one of my classes. In this particular class, we have been studying some of the greatest gardens in the world. Although taking tests is always a drag, it is a pretty good excuse to immerse myself in something I am completely obsessed with anyways: gardens…. Read more »

Plants Class

No matter what we do for our day job, I think it’s safe to assume we are “plant people”. We get fascinated watching bugs, good or bad, climb through our gardens. Every season brings something breath-taking: crisp spring flowers, wavy summer leaves, brilliant fall colors, and the simple lines of winter branches. I am currently… Read more »

Summer Term Ends

I have completed my first term in the masters in landscape architecture program! Only nine more to go… My final project was a wetlands reclamation area in the surrounding Eugene, Oregon, area. It was a fun project that taught me something about the way wetland areas work, the water fluctuations throughout the year, and the… Read more »

First School Review

My first project as a graduate student in landscape architecture was to redesign a children’s playground. We were not allowed to use structures (swing sets, play structures, etc) but instead needed to use just landform and vegetation. It was an interesting challenge and one I think we can apply to residential design as well. Basically,… Read more »

Secrets & Changes

It’s been hard for me to not write about this since I made the decision last November. My urban homestead if being uprooted – we’re moving. I’ve spent the last almost-decade working in the advertising industry, which I never talk about here. Over that time, I’ve built a really great reputation and a wonderful career…. Read more »