Mendocino Woodlands Design

Spring term of my graduate program is not officially over, but it’s 95% over for me. Yesterday was my final review for my spring design studio and it went really well. The project this term was the Mendocino Woodlands, which is a historic camp in northern California. The camp was built in the 1930’s and… Read more »

Chartreuse and Purple Garden

Everyone has their favorite color combination and mine is blooming around town this spring: chartreuse and purple. For me, chartreuse is a beautiful hint of spring – something new, young and vibrant. Purples feel soothing to me, calming and tranquil. When it comes to my backyard haven, I would love to lounge around in a… Read more »

Fall Term Design Studio

As winter term of my landscape architecture program kicks in, I realized I should do a decent job recapping my project last term! I got to explore beneficial insect-attracting plants, plant species that do well in swales, and other fun ecological issues. I had the pleasure of working with a couple architecture students on the… Read more »

Spring School Project

I can’t believe I made it through this year! School was wonderful, interesting, challenging – everything I hoped it would be. Jay living 3,000 miles away, taking on a huge writing project, and working side jobs complicated things a bit. I somehow managed to keep all those balls in the air and still have time… Read more »

Finding Where I Fit

It has now been about a year since I uprooted my life in Portland and moved a couple hours down south to Eugene for my grad program. Part of me wants to design public urban green spaces. Another part of me wants to just focus on residential projects. And another part of me wants to… Read more »

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