Duck Coop Construction

The ducks are getting a new, permanent home – slowly but surely. Last week we did some deconstruction and site prep. This past weekend I drew up some loose plans and we started building. The duck house should give each bird about 4-6 square feet of space while the run area can be anywhere from… Read more »

Building the Shared Run

Ducks need more outside room generally than chickens, so we set about building a large run for our new flock. We planned on about five square feet of outside space per duck, which meant we needed a run that was twenty square feet total. Since we are renting this year, nothing can be permanent about… Read more »

Building the Duck House

There are lots of ways to make a duck house and the one you build is based on any combination of the following factors: safety from predators carpentry skill level time money portability In our case, we are currently renting our homestead while I finished grad school. (So excited to get back to our permanent… Read more »

Poultry-Proof Garden

We love having our chickens free-range in our backyard. They eat a wider range of food, which saves us some money on chicken feed and also makes their eggs taste ten times better. But they can be really destructive in the garden beds – trampling seedlings in search for the next great worm. It’s even… Read more »

Fall Term Design Studio

As winter term of my landscape architecture program kicks in, I realized I should do a decent job recapping my project last term! I got to explore beneficial insect-attracting plants, plant species that do well in swales, and other fun ecological issues. I had the pleasure of working with a couple architecture students on the… Read more »

Unsustainable Choices

A few weeks ago I started to second-guess our decision to keep our house in Portland, rather than selling it when we had the chance before starting grad school down in Eugene. A weekend of back-breaking labor in Portland though cured me of that feeling. When we say we’re “going home”, we still think of… Read more »

Lents Town Center Design

As I mentioned last week, I recently wrapped up another term in my Masters in Landscape Architecture studio. This term we were allowed to choose a site that personally interests us. The site had to originally be focused on a “line” in Oregon somewhere. My “line” was Foster Blvd in Southeast Portland, in the Lents… Read more »

Plant a Teepee

Constructing a simple teepee in the garden is a very simple and fun way to work vertically. Living in the city, we are all space-challenged and I have found the teepee a welcome edition every year. You can use old tree branches or visit your nearest nursery for bamboo stalks. Tie your teepee at the… Read more »

Woven Fence

I was looking through Gayla Trail’s book You Grow Girl the other day and dreaming about gardening projects. It’s early enough to start seeds indoors, but I have been dying to be out in the short hours of brisk sunlight getting my hands muddy. One of her projects in particular, the woven fence, caught my… Read more »