Returning My Key

This weekend was long, relaxing and wonderful – with one exception. Sunday was my last day as a member of Radius Studio, the ceramics studio I have been a partner at for the last four years. It was in the back of my mind all weekend, the dread of moving my stuff out of the… Read more »

Muddy days are here again!

Radius Studio has now become Radius Community Art Studio, and I just can’t wait to get in there and start throwing clay again! The studio announced this past summer they were moving locations, and I had finally decided to bow out as a studio partner. Instead I planned to buy my own wheel and convert… Read more »

Back to Business

Okay, back to gardening business… Has anyone else given up for the season? It started pouring today in Portland and I have pretty much thrown in the towel at this point. Aphids larvae is crawling all over my nasturtium. I chopped all the swiss chard off to the ground. The chicken coop door is wide… Read more »

The End of a Muddy Era

I’ve been a member of a wonderful little art studio space for about 3 years now called Radius Studio. My discovery of the studio had perfect timing – Jay and I just returned from a year living in Barcelona, I was looking around for new friends/hobbies, and this studio popped up just a block away…. Read more »