Name that Gourd

There are those people in the world that dutifully mark their planted seeds with little signs, either from the plant start or home-made, that clearly label what is growing where. I generally consider myself anti-plant tag when it comes to my own backyard. However, this season might be a good example of why those come… Read more »

And the Winner Is…

RED!!! We let out a huge sigh of relief when we saw the first coat of red go on – it was exactly what we were hoping for. And it was the color with the biggest votes on this blog! Thanks everyone for your input. Little by little, we are leaving our thumb print on… Read more »

Excerise Your Freedom of Speech!

As a celebration of our Independence Day, let’s exercise our freedom of speech with a little election! To give you some background, almost a year ago we moved into this very unloved and neglected 1927 bungalow. As soon as we moved in, we spent many weekends and evenings working on the interior: painting those drab… Read more »

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