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As a sixth generation Oregon homesteader, I have a fascination with watching things grow and getting my hands dirty. My homestead is a tenth of an acre plot in Portland, Oregon, where I blissfully live with my husband, daughter Juniper, three chickens and four ducks.

Launched in 2007, HipChickDigs is an online community with content about homesteading, edible landscape design, and sustainable living. My book Modern Homestead was published in 2011, covering everything you ever wanted to know about growing your own produce, keeping urban livestock and preserving the harvest.

The goal of my writing is to share stories about the life of a modern homesteader, in all its triumphs and failures. We can celebrate together the first seedlings and collecting that first egg from our backyard flocks. I rely on the advice of my homesteading grandparents and friends to get me through the head scratching moments, which I will be sure to pass along.

Email me at hipchickdigs@gmail.com with questions or comments. Let’s learn from my mistakes together and share knowledge to make our homesteading lives richer. Now go get those hands dirty!




After receiving my masters degree in landscape architecture from the University of Oregon, I began working as a residential landscape designer before getting a full-time gig at the landscape architecture firm. I still take on the occasional residential project when the timing is right and the project is a good fit. Check out my design services to learn more about how I transform garden dreams into gorgeous realities.



The most important thing you need to build your own modern homestead is motivation. That said, there are a few tools and supplies we find useful to have on our homestead. You can check out my Amazon aStore to find all kinds of helpful products including gardening gear, homesteading books, food preservation equipment and natural baby care supplies. If you buy something from the store, our family gets a small kickback.



Occasionally I partner with a company to review a product or service. I am transparent with my readers about my experience (for better or worse) and clearly denote whether I received anything in exchange for writing about it. The product or service must match the following criteria:

  • be extremely relevant to my readers
  • replace a real cost to my family
  • be from a company that matches my values



Feel free to email me at Renee@HipChickDigs.com with questions, comments or to find out more about working with me. Happy growing!

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