We recently moved into our new digs, but it hasn’t quite felt like home without clucking in the backyard. This weekend the chickens made the move to the new homestead too – finally!


The dismantled chicken coop

In a few weeks the chickens will have a nice, permanent chicken coop. But until construction is complete, we needed to construct a temporary home for them using the materials from their coop at our former homestead. It took a full day to dismantle their coop and move to our new place. I had visions of the Beverly Hillbillies running through my head as we pulled the truck into our new neighborhood.



A partially enclosed corner of the garden just perfect for a temporary coop

We found a nice corner of our new garden that was partially enclosed already with the side of the house and some existing fencing. It’s also shaded from afternoon sun, which is great for keeping the girls cool in the summer. It just needed to be retrofitted with additional fencing and a hen house.


One very crooked hen house

Jay did all the hard work putting it all together. We both had a great laugh at how insanely crooked everything turned out.


Temporary coop enclosed with fencing

He very readily admits he can’t nail two boards together and I love him for it. Thank goodness the neighbors can’t see over the fence that clearly…


Clean, quiet corner of the hen house to lay eggs

The most important thing about poultry housing is that it keeps them safe. Safe from overheating and safe from predators. They won’t care it boards aren’t straight. Just give them fresh greens, sunshine, clean water and food. They are happy as can be in the their new, temporary digs.


The girls at home in their new digs

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Written by Renee Wilkinson