To my dearly beloved Spring, I say yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!


Welcome to my garden, Spring. I have missed your clean smell after a heavy rain. I have missed the lushness of your flowers. I have longed to see real live tulips once again greeting me after a long day at work.


The currants are glowing with yellow flowers that will turn into berries. My rhubarb that dies back in the winter has thick stems and massive leaves already. There are promises of fruit and vegetables abound!


The apple and pear trees are at the brink of blooming. The goumi bushes are covered with white.


Our plum trees planted just last year are screaming their hearts out with flowers. Our beloved apricot tree has littered pink petals all over the garden.


Every evening stroll seems to offer another new discovery. My list for next year is already growing as I note which groupings of bulbs should be separated, moved further into view or added to.

tulipsIs your garden bursting with life yet? Surely a crocus at least is popping its head up to greet you? I’d love to hear about what sweet spring looks like on your homestead in the comments below!


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Written by Renee Wilkinson