Every year I draft a garden plan for our four raised beds that will take us from spring into the fall. I try to balance a good crop rotation with companion planting to maximize our space. I am please to report that this year’s plan is ready for sharing!


2014 Garden Plan

Companion plants are plants that pair well together because they require different things – either growing space or nutrients. For example, the small yellow dots in this year’s plan are onions. Lots and lots on onions. I tuck them in between leafy greens like lettuces and chard because the greens take up space above soil while the onions take up space below soil. I can fit in more plants that way.

This garden plan includes cool-weather plants that are thriving now and ready for harvesting – spinach, arugula and leeks (from last year). I planted larger plants around them to provide some shade this summer when it gets hot. Typically those cool weather crops will bolt, but I’m hoping to keep them in the garden a bit longer if things like broccoli and kale can shade them.


Densely planted companion vegetables

The beds are not fully planted out yet. Some remaining plants from the winter garden will get pulled in a couple weeks and replaced with the hot summer crops – tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. I am also planning to tuck plenty of winter and summer squashes outside the beds in open patches throughout the garden.

If you’re looking for more garden plans, check out some from the last few years. I would love to hear what you are planting this year as well!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson