CorneliusPlanting season is upon us! There are baby chicks to pick up! Your garden soil needs fresh compost! And I want to meet you!

These are all excellent reasons for you to stop by and say hello to me while I hang out at Wilco’s garden store in Cornelius¬†this Saturday, March 15th. I’ll be there at 1:00pm to sign copies of my book Modern Homestead and swap garden and livestock stories with folks. I would love to see your smiling face and find out what you are planting and raising this spring.

I know myself well enough to understand that spending a couple hours at a farm and feed store during spring planting season is incredibly dangerous. Rumor has it that Wilco has a massive breed selection of spring chicks, so it will take all my strength to not bring home more birds. Clearly the best plan is to pack the car to the brim with veggie starts instead.

If I don’t see you this weekend, I would still love to hear about your spring plans. Anything new you are planning to tackle? Is your homestead going through a growth spurt or just getting started? Tell me about it in the comments below or in person this weekend.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson