Attention busy garden-loving parents! Save this super cute and easy-peasy kid’s costume idea for next Halloween. I found an adorable version on Etsy (which is no longer available otherwise I would link to it!), but opted to spend $5 bucks at the craft store to make a a still-adorable-knock-off.

juniper-gnomeFirst of all, this requires no sewing. I dream of learning how to sew one day. Until that day arrives, I am staying busy working full-time as a landscape designer, chasing chickens, keeping a winter garden growing and still making time for my beautiful family. No sew = awesome.

Supplies you will need:

  • 1 sheet of red felt (about 11″ x 17″)
  • 1 sheet of black felt (optional, about 11″ x 17″)
  • 1 strand of white dangly fringe (about 12″)
  • Baby shirt, pants and boots (which you likely already own)
  • Measuring tape
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors

1. Assemble pointy hat: Measure the size of your kid’s head to figure out how wide the hat needs to be. Then roll the red felt to that width, keeping one end very pointy and pin in place to fasten. Cut off excess felt to make an even, rounded bottom of the hat.


Twist red felt so one end is pointy. Cut off excess at bottom end. Pin into place.

2. Assemble beard: Measure the distance from the edge of hat to your kiddo’s chin. Juniper wouldn’t hold still for me, so I guessed. Use safety pins to adhere either end of the fringe just under the edge of the hat, hiding the pins from view.gnome-beard

“Beard” material is a strip of white fringe from the fabric store.


Pin either end of fringe onto either side of the hat


Assembled gnome hat & beard

3. Assemble belt (optional): Cut the black felt into a a couple 2″ thick strips. Cut a small square, 1″ x 2″, on one end of one strip. Lay it over the other strip, creating a faux belt buckle. Use safety pins to connect the two strips into one belt. Use safety pins to fasten onto the end of your kiddo’s shirt.


Use two strips of black felt for the belt buckle. Cut a rectangular opening on one end of one strip.


Lay opening over second strip of black felt. Pin to fasten together.


Pin felt belt onto the bottom of your kiddo’s shirt, overlapping the two black strips at the back so it looks like a solid strip of black felt.


Finished gnome top & belt, pinned underneath the shirt

How easy is that? It literally took me about ten minutes to assemble the night before. I didn’t even bother trying to hide the safety pins, but you certainly could pin things from behind so people can’t see the pins.

I was worried about whether Juniper would like the hat, but she LOVED the hat. In part because Jay and I laughed hysterically when she put it on and praised the heck out of her. She still insists on wearing it around the house and garden.

If you wanted to be a very authentic gnome, I recommend a light blue shirt and green or brown pants. We just used what we had on hand: a striped blue shirt, green pants and Juniper’s big black boots.


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Written by Renee Wilkinson