April has stirred the garden to life and I wanted to share some of those signs of beauty with you this morning. Of course there is a lot to be done this season, but this moment in time reminds me that there is a lot to cherish as well.

growing-currant-berriesBy June we will be swimming in currants! Both red and black, our many currants shrubs are already working on ripening tons of berries.

emerging-lilacThe old lilac tree outside my kitchen window reminds me every morning that spring is in full swing.

ripening-apricotsSo many fuzzy green apricots! If these all ripening, I’m really not sure what we will do with all this fruit. The tree is covered with them! Time to stock up on some canning recipes I guess…

bleeding-heartThe ornamental Bleeding Heart along the north side of our house is one of the only blooming plants in that area. It’s protected from the chicken coop and is a surprising burst of color in an otherwise shady spot.

persimmon-leafThe asian persimmon right outside Juniper’s nursery window is already leafing out. My eyes are glued to it daily waiting for the inconspicuous green flowers to emerge. We got our first fruit last year and I’m hoping for more this season.

What is blooming or setting fruit on your homestead? Every little flower or green fruit seems to be a whisper of encouragement for the growing season ahead of us!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson