Run, don’t walk, to grab your Spring 2013 copy of Country Gardens magazine (on sale March 12th). I wrote an article for this issue all about my journey through modern homesteading. They did a fabulous photo shoot of our homestead, so you can enjoy all kinds of gorgeous garden inspiration.

country-gardens-coverI am so giddy to be a part of this national publication. James Bagget, the publisher, was a treat to work with and Nick Crow, the art director, made sure every photo sung the praises of our homestead. He even managed to get a sleepy Juniper to crack a cute smile during the shoot.

country-gardens-inside1Juniper was only about six months when they came this summer to shoot the garden. Friends really helped me pull every last weed and Jay made sure there wasn’t a spot of manure in the chicken and duck coops. Boy, it really does take a village.

I wrote about the passion I discovered digging in the soil and how the garden has exploded into something more beautiful than I could have imagined – all just in time to get your garden ambition sufficiently pumped for the season ahead! You can see six stunning pages of photos from our homestead, along with my vegetable planting plan for the four raised beds – something anyone can use in their own garden.

country-gardens-inside3My greatest hope is that the article leaves readers feeling inspired to get their hands dirty growing their own food this year. And, of course, I hope it’s one of their best selling issues! I would love to see more national gardening publications covering edible landscaping, modern homesteading and all that jazz. I’d love to hear what you think of the article!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson