Why haven’t I started my indoor seeds yet? Because I have been too busy celebrating a year of motherhood with my little Leapling, Juniper. She came into the world on February 29th last year as the snow was gently falling.

bday-daphneI remember the first walk we took to the park in our neighborhood  when she met Winter Daphne, one of my favorite early blooming flowers. There we were in the same park, smelling the same fragrant blossoms this past weekend as we celebrated her (sort of) birthday.

bday-beachWe are making lots of memories along the Oregon coast this winter and catching lots and lots of sunsets.

bday-sunsetShe is helping me gobble up all of the fruits we froze for winter. Favorites include Italian plum halves and juicy blueberries. This is the face of a happy berry eater!

bday-girlI’ve learned to let things go in a good way, to forgive myself for not being perfect, and accept that it’s okay to let a little chaos into our lives. bday-cake

Seeds can wait, but birthday’s can’t.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson