It has been a cold, dry January thus far – at least it seems that way to me. Some of the crops that typically overwinter uncovered have been barely hanging on. This chilly swiss chard is one example. The plants are still alive, but we won’t be harvesting them until it warms up enough for them to leaf out more.

january-chardInside, a not-super-sunny-window is providing just enough light for our meyer lemon tree to ripen. My citrus trees all move inside for winter and we usually harvest just enough fruit for something special.

january-lemon-treeThese lemons are destined to become tasty lemon butter for pancakes this weekend. A jolt of tangy citrus will be most welcome on my winter taste buds.

january-lemonsTwo of our vegetable beds are covered this winter. The one shown below has been providing us a steady stream of salad greens, mostly arugula inter-planted with onions. Half of this bed still holds our summer carrots. We pull them out as needed through the winter months.

january-greensI can’t seem to get out to harvest our dinner veggies before the sun drops. Lately I have been digging around with cold fingers to find roots big enough to pull out. I’m grateful we still have things to pull!

january-carrotsIt’s already time to place seed orders for the coming growing season. I’m just not there yet… I still want a couple more weeks to pour over catalogs and make my final selections. I would love to hear about what you are harvesting this winter and what your plans are for seeds this spring!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson