Eggs, eggs, so many eggs! With three chickens and four ducks, we are in no short supply of eggs. I came up with a new favorite recipe this weekend to use them up: the Homestead Burger. It’s super simple, but another great way to use up all those chicken or duck eggs you might have from your backyard.

Sure, you could call this a “sandwich”. But somehow calling a “burger” helps us reframe how we enjoy our eggs. They aren’t just for breakfast or a light lunch. Instead, they can be a hearty protein that is perfect for the dinner table. Here’s how I cooked up our “burgers”.

First, I drop a tablespoon of bacon grease into a small cast iron pan and heat on medium-low. You could use olive oil, but using bacon grease adds a little salty flavor. Plus, the bacon grease was grown locally while olive oil comes from further away.

Once warm, I cracked in two duck eggs and add some cracked pepper. Eggs are delicate to cook, so I keep the heat on medium-low so they don’t scorch. I fry the eggs until the yolks are just set, so the yolks won’t run out everywhere when I bite into them. Also, using the small cast iron pan creates a perfectly burger-sized egg “patty”.

While the eggs were cooking, I toasted some hamburger buns. Once browned, I topped one side with a pile of fresh basil and the other with some good quality prosciutto. Fresh parsley would be another good herb to use if you have on hand. Just one to two slices of prosciutto are enough to give the burger a salty kick.

I slide the egg patty in between eh viola: the Homestead Burger. This was a really fast, simple way to enjoy our backyard bounty. It made a great protein main dish for a summertime meal. We ate is alongside some fresh veggies from the backyard. Next time I’ll roast some potato “fries” to make it even heartier.

What are your favorite ways to eat up eggs from your flock? Have you found any new favorite recipes this summer? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson