On a recent tour of gardens, the phrase I heard most often was “it’s a work in progress.” To which I replied, “every garden is.” It reminded me of a phrase I heard lately from the principal of my nephew’s elementary school. She asks the kids recite the following:

Do what you can

with what you have

in the time you have to do it

in the place you are

Hostas that need to be moved. The ducks devoured them soon after this photo was taken.

Gardens are not places to feel ashamed, embarrassed or inadequate. They are not places of apology or excuses. They are alive and always growing and changing. Plants will always need to be added, moved, cut back, or removed altogether. Share your garden with confidence and love, not reluctance.

There are ugly spots in my garden, just like in your garden. I’m losing battles with pests here and there, but winning big in other spots. My garden is a wild jungle of projects that vary in quality and lessons learned that range from big to small.

My continual battle with aphids

This summer, as you invite friends and family into your garden spaces, erase the phrase “it’s a work in progress” from your vocabulary. Celebrate the wild, untamed spaces rather than apologize for them.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson