Juniper and I just returned from a long week in Eugene. I presented my graduate thesis yesterday to a great crowd of faculty, classmates and friends. The feedback I received was all very positive – almost surprisingly positive – and it felt great to share my research with the outside world.

I’m pretty under the weather, as I came down with a horrible virus promptly upon arrival in Eugene earlier this week (which I think Junebug has as well). It was challenging to juggle being so sick with being a single parent for a week and putting together a massive presentation. But I pushed through, kept my eye on the prize, and pulled off a great presentation despite feeling like a shell of a person.

With that behind me, the next couple days will be full of rest and recovery as I continue to fight this monster off. I am so excited to share my research with you since it’s all about urban farming and how it can benefit communities. However, it needs to wait until next week. I have a date with my bed, some coconut water, and a snugly baby.

Until next week my friends…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson